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Nepal - a country of nature and diversity. In terms of natural, cultural, ethnic, religious, biological diversity, Nepal is a master piece in the entire globe. The majestic Himalayan ranges in the north claim eight out of the Fourteen highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest (8848 m) the top of the world. The alpine hills and valleys, with snow fed rivers, the lakes in the central region and the dense tropical forest in the south with its rich variety of wildlife, present a fascinating combination of nature and adventure. Approximately 23.5 millions people made of different races and ethic groups living in different regions, with diverse culture, religion, language and dialects within an area of 147181 sq Km.

Friendship World Trek Pvt. Ltd. Is established to give best services to the people who comes to visit the Nepal and Many other Purposes.. It is one of leading tours, operators and trekking and Travel agents in Nepal. Friendship World Trek is operating from the very heart of Kathmandu, the tourists' hotspot - Thamel. Friendship World Trek staff team consists of trained, experienced and down-to-earth professionals. Our qualified bilingual and multilingual guides speak fluent English, French, German, Japanese and Chinese who will help you see, feel and experience Nepal.

Friendship World Trek, a leading tour operators & travel consultants has been established to give best services to the people who come to visit the Nepal and Many other Purposes. It is providing all the facilities needed for hotel reservation, package tours, culture tours, trekking arrangements, white water rafting, car rental and worldwide ticketing. Company has experienced guides having a good command in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and others languages. The company's service will make valued guests enjoy a memorable stay in Nepal.

1. Concept
Nepal provides immense tourism potential from tourists around the world with a proper marketing strategy and government policy support to enhance the existing support systems and infrastructure without massive investments. In addition, tourism inflow from around the world to Nepal can also be encouraged substantially by aggressive marketing and developing support systems.

2. Our Mission Statement
Friendship World Trek is committed to providing an integrated travel experience or lifestyle to customers with innovative and creative products through state of the art technology and a higher level of reliable customer service from a highly motivated & delegated team of professional & knowledgeable staff.

3. Group Tour
This division offers a wide selection of travel packages to holiday destinations such as Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India and many more. It has expanded its business into organizing chartered flights and special departures to new destinations. For example: Trekking, Climbing, Climbing Courses, Rafting & Kayaking, & Many More etc.....

4. Incentive Tour
With the largest team of professional incentive sales staff, our incentive programs provide innovative versatility for companies ranging from small organizations to big corporations.

5. Conventions
This agency manages overseas events or conventions and provides other travel services for all delegates.

6. Ticketing
Provides ticketing as well as a full range of travel-related services for both Corporate and Individual travel.

7. Inbound & Regional Marketing
Handle FIT/GIT, special interest, group meeting, transfers and also facilitates regional travel.

8. Wholesale
This agency focuses on providing tour planning expertise and travel services to other travel agents.

Who are Friendship World Trek???
The Friendship World Trek team work from the knowledge that there is an undeniable fragility in our planet and tourism (trekking in our case) can have an impact either as a positive force for increased awareness and change, or as a contributor to cultural and environmental exploitation. Taking into consideration lessons learned from past experiences - the need for sustainable natural resources, cross-cultural exchange and, for tourist dollars to directly benefit the local economies through which they trek.

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Why trek with Friendship World Trek?
Managed and operated by a group of dedicated and experienced people who are not only well versed in the adventure travel service business but also are committed to Conserving our natural and cultural diversity. Our treks, tours and expeditions trips are well equipment, offer optimum safety, and provide guides who have first hand knowledge of the routes, natural history and cultural background.

Trained Trek Guides and Sherpas each of our treks is managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide, cook and Sherpas. Our leaders/guides and trek crew are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable holiday to our clients and in a Friendship World Trek Treks & Exp. friendly manner. High Quality Camping Equipment All our camping-treks are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available.

Comfortable dome or 'A' frame tent, foam mattress, dinning tent with camp chairs and tables and a toilet tent are standard equipment on all our camping treks. You don't need to be a mountaineer with rippling muscles to enjoy trekking. If you are reasonably fit and not afraid of walking, you qualify; thus have a spirit of adventure. We take care of all the details like government permits, air/bus tickets, guides, porters, foods, tents, etc.

We take the greatest pride for serving our customers to their utmost satisfaction. We encourage all the valued customers taking their tours and trips to preserve the natural environment, giving you the opportunity to experience the rural, smooth setting and totally different feeling of your holiday trip.

So, we invite you to join us on a visit to these remote regions to learn more about yourself and your world & to expand your physical & cultural horizons by traveling on foot through lands about which you have only dreamed.

Scope of Service:
We would humbly draw your attention to Friendship World Trek service range which includes:

* Cultural Tour
* City Tour
* Trekking
* Climbing
* Himalayan expeditions
* Climbing Courses for 6 Days.
* Wildlife and Jungle Safari
* White Water Rafting and Kayaking
* Mountain Flights
* Ballooning
* International & Domestic air-tickets
* Hotel Reservation, Car Rental
* Tibet Tour
* Darjeeling Tour
* Sikkim Tour
* Bhutan Tour
Our Commitment:
Indeed, our success lies in our commitment to quality and service excellence offered to our distinguished guests. Fulfilling your needs and interest is our goal. Hospitality with outmost care and humble is our motto!

尼泊爾 - 自然和多樣性的國家。在自然,文化,種族,宗教,生物多樣性方面,尼泊爾是全球的一塊大師。北部的雄偉喜馬拉雅山脈在世界上十四個最高峰之中有八個,包括世界頂峰珠穆朗瑪峰(8848米)。高山丘陵和山谷,與積雪的河流,中部地區的湖泊和南部的茂密的熱帶森林與各種各樣的野生動物,呈現自然和冒險的迷人的組合。約2350萬人生活在不同地區的不同種族和倫理群體,其文化,宗教,語言和方言不同,面積為147181平方公里。

友誼世界是為尼泊爾和其他許多目的地的人提供最好的服務。它是尼泊爾的領先旅遊,運營商和徒步旅行和旅行社之一。友誼世界Trek是從加德滿都的中心,遊客的熱點 - Thamel。友誼世界Trek的工作人員團隊由經過培訓,經驗豐富和實事求是的專業人員組成。我們的合格雙語和多語種的導遊講流利的英語,法語,德語,日語和中國人,將幫助你看到,感覺和體驗尼泊爾。








處理FIT / GIT,特別興趣,小組會議,轉讓和促進區域旅行。


友誼世界迷航團隊從知識中認識到,我們的地球和旅遊業存在不可否認的脆弱性(在我們的例子中跋涉)可以作為增強意識和改變的積極力量,或作為文化和環境開發的貢獻者。考慮從過去經驗中吸取的教訓 - 需要可持續的自然資源,跨文化交流,以及旅遊美元直接惠及他們跋涉的當地經濟。




Everest Base Camp Trek
$from 1200


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